DruvStar SWAT Analysis

Don’t lock the doors with the criminals inside!

DruvStar SWAT Team identifies and roots out cyber attackers that are already lurking inside your system.

You’ve run Penetration Tests, you’ve closed the identified vulnerabilities, you’re running antivirus, now what are you doing differently to ensure that you’re safe?

DruvStar’s D-SWAT rapidly deploys a managed SOC to your environment with real threat hunters on-site. This engagement weeds out active attackers, discovers signs of compromise, and uncovers live flaws in action using up to the minute threat hunting.
D-SWAT identifies and roots out cyber attackers that are already lurking inside your system.

Root out threats and gain unexpected insight into your environments.

A unique, short term on-site or cloud engagement to root out Advanced Persistent Threats and actively hunt for bad actors.


A two week engagement - one week for planning and preparation, and one week with boots on the ground.

World Class Tooling

DruvStar's enterprise security tooling quickly deployed and working to uncover critical issues and catch advanced persistent threats.


The D-SWAT team are DruvStar's top threat hunters. They bring experience from a global arena to your environment, and there's very little they haven't seen .

Close Engagement

Direct access to the SWAT team and to live results as they unfold.

Cross Training

An unprecedented opportunity for IT and security resources to work with DruvStar's cyber-professionals.

Pack In, Pack Out

When the engagement is done we leave without a trace. Unsurprisingly, most customers ask us to stay.


Want us to stay in and monitor 24/365

Our Managed detection and response service provides a comprehensive US Based SOC as a Service with Incident Response

Ready to root out threats in 2 weeks?

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