Cybersecurity Protection Services

Continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure to detect, respond, and remediate intrusion.

With dedicated monitoring, world class tooling, and a highly trained 24/7 U.S. based security operations center, DruvStar works continually to protect your most valuable assets.

Andrei Goutnik

Head of Technology Systems & Operations - PointsBet

"Being an online digital business, you have in the back of your mind that you're constantly being attacked, but you don't have visibility in a single place. DruvStar helped provide that visibility and identified vulnerabilities that we needed to close quickly."

Managed Detection and Response

Continuous monitoring, threat hunting and incident response for your IT ecosystem. Catch the intruder before they can do damage.

Security Operations Center

DruvStar's Las Vegas based SOC is staffed 24/365 with hungry and talented analysts, threat hunters, and engineers, each trained to hunt down and eradicate cyber-attacks

Security Information and Event Management

Enterprise grade tools and DruvStar's experts get you up and running faster than you can imagine, delivering real results instantly.

Threat Intelligence

The key to identifying bad actors is understanding how they attack. DruvStar's analysts have global experience and are hooked to the most current intelligence sources, which means we catch intrusions right away.

Incident Response

When an incident happens how do you respond? With DruvStar on your side you're prepared to act quickly and decisively.

Root Cause Analysis

Once an incident has been resolved, it is critical to go back and understand exactly how it occurred, ensuring similar attacks never happen again.

DruvStar Threat Insights Products

DruvStar Protection services are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses at different stages of cybersecurity maturity with managed detection and response (MDR). Each product includes a SIEM, Certified SOC, and advanced Threat Hunting. Threat Insights integrates seamlessly into client’s existing IT infrastructure, offering real-time threat intelligence, incident response capabilities, and expert support from our dedicated team of security professionals.

Startup (MDR)

Ideal for organizations in the early stages of their growth, this product equips businesses with essential features to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, ensuring the continuous protection of critical systems and data.

Network (NDR)

Delivering advanced network monitoring capabilities, this product provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic, allowing organizations to identify and investigate potential threats before they compromise systems. By ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of customer data, businesses can enhance trust and maintain regulatory compliance.

Endpoints (EDR)

Designed to protect organizations at the device and user level, this product offers granular visibility into individual end-devices, corporate users enabling swift detection of abnormal behavior and potential security breaches. By safeguarding customers at the endpoint level, organizations can minimize the risk of data breaches and protect their reputation.

Premium (MDR)

Provides advanced threat detection and response capabilities for established organizations. It offers a wider range of cutting-edge technologies, proactive threat hunting, and incident response services. With enhanced threat intelligence and continuous monitoring, businesses can swiftly detect and contain emerging threats, minimizing potential damage. The package also includes expert incident response services for rapid investigation and remediation.

Enterprise (XDR)

Designed for large-scale enterprises seeking comprehensive and centralized security operations. It combines MDR with extended capabilities, including advanced threat detection, response, and orchestration across multiple security layers. By integrating and correlating data from various sources, such as endpoints, networks, and cloud environments, it provides a holistic view of security.





Why DruvStar?

Lightning fast deployment gets you protected as quickly as possible.
Advanced threat detection keeps you safe
Flexible solutions to match your technologies
Flexible pricing to match your budget
Award winning solution

Engagement Models

Cybersecurity is a trust relationship. Let us show you the value we provide, and then grow the relationship from there.

That being said, the best way to cover is to cover completely. Understand every facet of your systems, and get comprehensive security coverage.

Our analysts are continually learning and refining your environment and behaviors to build up maximum protection.

Eliminate Cyber Risk With DruvStar

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