Sports betting company protecting against cyber-attacks.

Through full ongoing and scalable 24/365 SOC capabilities with minimal resource impact.

Key Outcomes

Stopped repeated cyber-attacks

Increased protection without growing internal resources.

Scales the business with confidence.

The Situation

PointsBet is an innovative, online gambling business, which entered the U.S. market in 2019 and quickly expanded into 6 states. PointsBet has ongoing expansion plans to satisfy its rapidly growing popularity with bettors across the U.S. When PointsBet found their business rapidly expanding globally, they knew their new recognition made them a bigger cybersecurity target.

“We hit the ground running and went really fast. Online sports betting just took off and COVID changed the landscape quickly – everything got amplified” states Andrei Goutnik, Head of Technology Systems & Operations for PointsBet.


Online retailers, particularly those in the gambling sector, are attractive targets for cyber-attack, and PointsBet is committed to protecting its customers’ information.

“Being an online digital business, you have in the back of your mind that you’re constantly being attacked.”

Ahead of this growth, PointsBet needed a solution that would secure all parts of their global corporate and product infrastructures with:


  • 24/365 monitoring and incident response capabilities.


  • A dedicated security team that they could trust.


  • Minimal impact on their business operations.


  • Close communication and regular reporting.

Approach, Solution and Outcome

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