Cyber Defense Firm, DruvStar Announces New Advisory Council to Expand Its Reach

We have curated our council of advisors diligently for the depth and breadth of their experience, and commercial and strategy acumen.
Manjit Gombra Singh

DruvStar, an award-winning cyber defense solution provider, today announced a new advisory council to provide strategic guidance and support the company’s growth in new and existing markets.

DruvStar Advisory Council brings together highly accomplished business leaders from across industries to tap the transformational potential of DruvStar’s data and cyber defense products.

“We have curated our council of advisors diligently for the depth and breadth of their experience, and commercial and strategy acumen. We are thrilled that these exceptional and well-respected leaders will increase our value to our customers,” says Manjit Gombra Singh, DruvStar’s CEO and Founder.

Members of the DruvStar Advisory Council include:

Rich Miller, CEO at Telematica, Inc., joins the Advisory Council with a background in ICT infrastructure and middleware; network and data security; and data engineering. He has served as a senior executive and in line roles that include business development, product marketing, and corporate strategy. His efforts as an advisor to DruvStar focus on business strategy, product strategy and identification of broader markets. Rich is a thought leader in data protection and privacy policy development in the US, Europe, and Australia, which is directly relevant to DruvStar’s focus on data defense.

“DruvStar DataVision’s reliance on data…the patterns of its movement, the flow of processing and process context, as well as access patterns, is novel and highly effective in threat preparation, identification of anomalies, and determination of remedial action. It promises to change the way threat defense is accomplished.”, commented Rich Miller.

Vik Shrestha, Chief Commercial Officer at SB22, with his leadership background in business development, commercial strategy, and product innovation will guide DruvStar expansion in sports betting and iGaming business. Vik has a thorough understanding of the emerging business trends in Gaming and was recognized by several organizations as an emerging leader in Gaming.

Shrestha says, “DruvStar has an exceptional team of cyber security specialists and has a great opportunity to be a market leader in the gaming industry. Knowing their industry leading capabilities combined with their commitment to delivering exceptional client service, I am excited to be a Strategic Advisor and support the continued growth of the business.”

Seth Young, Managing Partner of The Strategy Organization and Chief Strategy Officer at FSG Digital, is a celebrated executive in the gaming industry, known for his passionate work and leadership in strategy and innovation. Seth will help DruvStar become a leading B2B technology solution in the gaming ecosystem and beyond.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the DruvStar journey. As legal interactive gambling continues to be enjoyed by tens of millions of people around the world, industry-focused cybersecurity solutions must be adopted to ensure ongoing operational integrity and retain consumer trust. DruvStar’s solution for the gaming sector is second to none, built and led by battle-tested veterans of industry. I look forward to assisting in DruvStar’s growth.”, noted Seth Young.

Sean Kanuck, CEO of Exedec LLC, is a strategic thought leader who advises governments, corporations, and entrepreneurs on the future of information technology. From 2011-2016, Sean was the first U.S. National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Issues. He previously served in the CIA’s Information Operations Center, advised the White House as an Intelligence Fellow, and worked on the Global Commission for the Stability of Cyberspace. His areas of expertise include cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, national security, and risk management. Sean will be advising DruvStar on data protection and information defense.

“DruvStar – and especially its new DataVision solution – represents a unique platform for advancing corporate cybersecurity practices and effectively managing the collection, structuring, analysis, and utilization of data that is key to enterprise value,” says Sean Kanuck.

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DruvStar delivers advanced AI-powered cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats. Operating from a Vegas-based SOC, our platform offers 24/7 threat surveillance, critical data oversight, and proactive incident response. Specializing in the gaming industry, we blend AI/ML technology with over 100 years of collective experience to provide tailored risk management, data governance, and security assessments, ensuring robust defense and compliance for enterprises.

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