DruvStar Threat Insights™

Comprehensive US Based SOC as a Service with Incident Response

Combines enterprise grade SIEM, AI/ML, 24×7 monitoring, highly skilled people, and advanced threat hunting to protect your business 24/365

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Roy Reich

Chief Information Officer – Nisqually Red Wind Casino

“When we evaluated our MDR protection, we knew we needed a partner with deep gaming experience, and DruvStar and their Threat Insights service met all the requirements and more. I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience partnering with such an outstanding team.”

How many incidents occur in your environment each day?

DruvStar triages thousands of incidents every day across every type of environment.


You need to secure your business, but don’t have the necessary resources. We have done the work already and deploy our capabilities in just a few weeks. Experience our singular focus on your protection.

  • Certified People

  • 24/7 Las Vegas Security Operations Center

  • Enterprise SIEM

  • Log, Network, and Endpoint Monitoring

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Patch Monitoring

  • Access Monitoring


  • Dedicated, available SOC Analysts


Early detection of incursions that have evaded other security mechanisms significantly reduces business impact. Threats that on average propagate for hundreds of days can be removed in minutes.

  • Detecting Anomalies

  • Intrusion Detection

  •  Proactive Threat Hunting

  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

  • Isolating True Positives

  • Log Retention

  • High Risk Resource Profile Protection

  • Daily Register of Detection and Action


With well-prepared escalation and response capabilities, the affected components can rapidly be returned to a known-good and safe state. Post incident review uncovers the steps required to avoid a recurrence.

  • Incident Response

  • Remediation

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Recommended Corrective Actions

Why Choose DruvStar Threat Insights™


24x365 coverage, market leading technology, and storage for threat hunting and RCA at a fraction of the cost to build an in-house solution.


DruvStar’s team are experts in security tooling. We utilize a market leading SIEM, which integrates with your current tools, and will evaluate your technology stack to propose improvements where needed: uncovering duplication of capabilities, exposing gaps, and identifying opportunities for consolidation.


DruvStar has integrated with leading threat intelligence sources, and our SOC team continually monitor multiple cybersecurity news feeds for the latest threats.

AI and Human Talent

AI provides an additional layer of input to the threat hunting process. But DruvStar’s trained eyes also dig deeper to validate alerts, hunt down the bad guys, and take the necessary steps for complete recovery.


DruvStar manages billions of events per month, thousands of investigations, yet calls out only true positives. We continually optimize to eliminate noise and focus on specific indicators of compromise, so when we alert a customer, they know that the incident is genuine.


From zero to a fully deployed, configured, trained and alerting system in just four weeks. Making the small changes required to greatly improve your security posture begins within just a few days of your engagement.


Highly trained and well-rounded U.S. based SOC3 certified Security Operations Center. Continuous training, certifications, and purple-team exercises contribute to DruvStar's security excellence.

Global Insights

DruvStar’s teams continually deal with a high volume of global and diverse attacks across multiple businesses. This is real world training, and provides input into our systems’ configuration


Utilize DruvStar's highly secure cloud infrastructure and storage, or have us deploy to your environment to support regulatory or policy needs.

For A Stronger Security posture

Building Blocks


Real-time Alerts

Rapidly contain incidents and gain detailed guidance on remediation.

Issue Triage

Critical events and actionable insights are delivered when you need them most.

Comprehensive visibility

See the complete picture. Unlimited event data, and on-demand access to retained logs.

Threat Hunting

See the complete picture. Unlimited event data, and on-demand access to retained logs.

Simple Deployment

No performance impact, zero-maintenance and hitless updates are delivered seamlessly

Vulnerability Management

Discover digital risks like system misconfigurations and corporate credential exposure.

Cloud Monitoring

Identify Cloud risks, monitor cloud platforms, and simplify cloud security.

Dedicated 24x7 Security Operations Experts

Your environment is monitored around the clock by our global security experts.

Endpoint Monitoring

Collect actionable intelligence from your IT environment, scan endpoints for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and respond to threats.

Unlimited Log Access

Unlimited access to your data so you never have to sacrifice visibility for money.

Eliminate Cyber Risk With DruvStar

We’re here to help. Reach out to schedule an introductory call and learn more about how DruvStar can benefit your organization.

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